Ezimma Onwuka

Ezimma is a senior studying Biological Sciences at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. She hopes to gain invaluable research experience with the SCIART program being her first official research opportunity. In the future, she wishes to continue research and pursue her interests in cancer biology, cell signaling, and translational medicine. She believes the SCIART program will strengthen her laboratory abilities and be useful in development of new skills to continue work as a scientific researcher. This summer, Ezimma has joined Dr. Cynthia Wagner’s biology laboratory and is working with animal parchment. The goal is to perform DNA analysis in order to identify different animal species and further use genomic analysis of parchment to provide insight into the provenance of documents. Her future goals include a career in healthcare, as she hopes to become a physician as well as a scientific researcher studying cancer to implement new treatments that will improve individuals’ quality of life.