Morgan Freeman

Morgan’s desire to pursue an advanced degree has always been there, although it took her a while to realize. From as early as elementary school, she gravitated towards math and science. She appreciated the intellectual and social challenge it provided through the coursework and the surprisingly rapid decrease in females and minorities as her education contained. Morgan is interested in the following research areas: Tissue Engineering, Prosthetics, Cardiovascular Engineering, and Rehabilitation Science. Her specific research interests stem from her heart for her community and what she have witnessed as ongoing issues in the African American health community. Diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure commonly leave patients left to manage lifelong health conditions. Veterans come back home to her city of Baltimore and live homelessly with wounds that could be easily rehabilitated with the proper care. More than about one thousand people a year die on organ donation lists because the need outmatches the supply. As opposed to treating these individual’s symptoms person by person in a medical atmosphere, she has found her calling to apply treatments to a larger audience. Morgan wants to pursue her Ph.D. in biomedical engineering to be given the opportunity to impact the health community on a global scale. She aspires to use her ideas motivated from her passion for her community to design reactive and preventative medical devices and procedures to improve the quality of life of those suffering in the community and the world.