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SCIART Students 2017

Area of Interest
Home institution


Chloe Cao



Conservation Science; Pharmaceutical Research




Johns Hopkins University 2018



Thomas Burnett



Neuroscience; Pharmacology



UMBC 2018



Stacy Davis



Forensic Chemistry



Towson University 2018



Adam Ring



Art Conservation Sciences



Emory University 2018



Claire Scott



Art Conservation Research




UMBC 2019



Hope LaFarge



Visual Arts; Conservation



University of British Columbia 2012



Amulya Shrestha



Computer Engineering; Hardware



UMBC 2018



Minhquan Tran



Biomedical Engineering



UMBC 2018



Jacob Bass



Computer Engineering; Math; Physics



UMBC 2018



Alex Holtschneider



Art Preservation




UMBC 2017