Feddi Roth

Feddi RothFeddi Roth is a rising sophomore at Stanford University, and while she has not yet declared her major, she is planning on majoring in Materials Science and Engineering. Feddi was drawn to the SCIART program because of her interest in the use of various materials science applications in art conservation and her love of art. Feddi has completed two internships in materials science and engineering, one was at the Naval Research Lab investigating the bulk production of aluminum nanowires and the other was at Johns Hopkins Hospital studying the use of nanoparticles in breast cancer treatment. In addition to her academic interests, Feddi is a tour guide at the Cantor Center for the Visual Arts at Stanford University and dances for the Stanford Viennese Ball Committee. For the SCIART program, Feddi is collaborating with Janaya Slaughter and Khalid Elawad in Dr. Gymama Slaughter’s lab in the department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to study the effect of vibration on museum objects. Feddi looks forward to working with her peers and Dr. Slaughter to expand her knowledge of art conservation and materials science.